About Michael Janssen

Hello! I’m Michael Janssen. I’m a programmer who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My full-time job is senior programmer for ReconRobotics providing robots that help save lives by providing a look into dangerous areas before the first line. In that capacity, I perform myriad software development for the company, including the code that runs on the robots themselves, tools for programming the robots in the manufacturing, Windows software for viewing the robot in command centers, Rails applications for business analysis, next-generation robot control software in Linux.

I’m also finishing my Ph.D in Robotics at the University of Minnesota in the Center for Distributed Robotics. My thesis is a study on a single user controlling multiple mobile robots, with the goal of increasing the robot:human ratio. I’m in the final stages of my thesis, finishing up experiments and writing my dissertation.

Base Zero LLC is my consulting business. In my remaining time, I contract to various companies building cool things. I usually work remotely from my home and travel on-site to customers when required. I have a very limited number of hours to work on projects and am currently fully booked at the moment.

In the remaining free time I watch a decent amount of television, including the best shows from the US and the UK when possible. I’m a fan of science-fiction books, television and movies. I also run PDCMagic which is a site for the Pauper community on Magic Online, which runs a number of free player-run tournaments every week.

Believe it or not, I still program on other things and blog on this and other sites when I can. You can check out my Github profile or my StackOverflow answered questions. I’m a Debian Developer, maintaining a number of packages related to robotic platforms and other random things. I also take pictures somewhat regularly. I have a twitter as well.

If you want to contact me for any reason, you can send me email at jamuraa@base0.net