A Book Store Tour of Minneapolis

Di and I went on a bookstore tour of the Twin Cities today - after discovering that she has a particular aversion to everything remotely relating to an animal, we decided to search for a particular book which she had seen before in vegan cooking. We started at a new book place, the alternative bookstore that is below where Midwest Mountaineering used to have part of it’s store. We didn’t find any cookbooks there, but I did find a couple books that I wanted to buy. Knowing that I am short on the cash end of things this summer, I decided to get them from library instead.

Next was Cummings Books which is by far my favorite of the bunch, which is situated in Dinkytown and has a nice selection of books from all fields in it’s two stories (ground floor and basement). The two cats and one parrot just add to it’s charm - I think if I was about to start working at some bookstore, this would be my first choice.

After failing to find anything in Dinkytown, we stopped by the Midway and went to the three story bookstore there. While having read great reviews of it, I expected much more. The place wasn’t all that great - it seemed very unorganized to me. Anyway the book wasn’t there either. Giving up, we went to Borders down the road, thinking they surely must have this book we’re looking for. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

As I gawked at books for a while Di found 6 or 7 vegan cooking books and started looking through them in hopes to find one she liked. I then continued to look around at books and music, hoping to find some Frank Sinatra because I have been on a crooner kick lately for some reason. After a bit I traipsed back to Di and she chose one (How It All Vegan!: Irresistible Recipes for an Animal-Free Diet) to buy.

Okay, so it was only four bookstores, but it seemed like a lot. At least it’s more bookstores than I generally visit in a day.