About an Hour, About an Hour Ago..

Well, This day has started perfectly. Apparently I hit the wrong button on my alarm clock this morning and turned off my alarm instead of the snooze. Because of this, I had to drive into work today, which was accompanied by far too many stoplights and a wait at the bus stop on campus that far too long. Because I was on a rush to head out, I forgot my homework which I had nicely printed out last night and need to reprint again before going to my class in 10 minutes, and I forgot my phone in my apartment. Now I’m going to have to drive back and get my phone and then (probably) walk back in. I seriously hope there’s some “Mike’s reservoir of bad luck” that will run out very soon.

Still working on the homework that was supposed to be due approximately 3 weeks ago. The professor is being super nice letting us work on it this long - well, we really couldn’t meet with him before today anyway, but it was still nice of him. I need to get a bunch of that done later today and hope we’re not meeting too early.

Today I have a class, donut/coffee hour, proctoring for a test, a lab meeting (which got moved to 3), a barbeque, and Buca’s. I’m very psyched to meet a bunch of you people, which is why I’m hoping my bad luck runs out soon. If I’m tripping over things and accidently flinging silverware tonight, you were warned.

The rest of this week was fairly routine. I started working on my new duties in the lab, which mostly involve phone work and filling out forms online. Yesterday was review day in the lab for the test today, which is normally something I look forward to because I actually get to stand up and teach, which is something I throughly enjoy.

Oh, and because I’m mucho-lazy and have to go in one minute, thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. It’s really appreciated. :)