Bad Attempt at a Do-no-work Day

It being friday, I attempted to make today a do-no-work day, as I try to make all fridays. It gets hard when I have office hours scheduled. A lot of students yesterday didn’t finish the lab (in fact, no one did, that I know of) and that means busy office hours on Monday at least, and it meant a bunch of questions today. This is the gut-check lab for most of them I think. It’s hard enough that if you don’t get off your ass and do something, you aren’t going to do well in the class.

Do-no-work day be damned, I remembered an assignment that was due today (and I didn’t do earlier) that I had to finish, so I had to do actual work around 6pm today after supper at Sallys with silvrayn, the non-posting want_a_be and the rest of the gang from the lab. I swear that Sally’s buffalo chicken wrap is awesome for stomachs that have had only junk food. I finished my homework and attempted to do more actual work (now that I had blown the whole no-work thing) and ended up playing a lot of Crack Attack with some people who are trying to finish a long homework. That game is seriously addictive.

I also discovered that it is impossible to embed libjpeg into a reasonable C++ object. I now need to find a C++ library for jpeg, or continue to compress frames from a robot in the old way, which I think is hacked and sucks. I really need to get the new interface working. It’s probably more important at this point than the server with heartbeat that I am writing, and the server which I thought would be a major change is turning out to be (mostly) a retyping of the old server, with small improvements. I’ll probably give up and start on the client end again next week sometime. This would require me to dive back into Linux on the IPAQ again, which was fun for a time.

At least this weekend seems full, because I get to do something nice for someone on valentine’s, and as an added bonus, I’m going to a party on sunday! Yay! Okay, time to play more crack attack, and maybe get some reading for work done.