Big Bang Theory Intro #10: Woolly Mammoth

It’s our first subject with fur!

It’s a Wooly Mammoth! Look at how huge it is. Wait, the cropped version here doesn’t have a good sense of scale - maybe you should gander at the source image from, where there is a friendly scared dude with a spear to see how big this guy actually was. They could get almost 10 feet tall. Unlike everything up until now, there is actually some evidence that humans, or neandertals were around when the mammoths were walking around, because there are some cave paintings.

One of the most interesting parts about these large creatures, are that they often aren’t fossilized, but just freeze in place, so you can end up finding one just frozen solid. I’ve thought sometimes in the Minnesota winter that I might end up in a similar fate. The latest one was found less than five years ago. They are often still found with their soft tissue intact. This means that there might actually be a real-life Jurassic Park situation, where they could extract the DNA of a frozen specimen and make up a clone. It doesn’t look like there is an actual clone coming anytime soon though.