Big Bang Theory Intro #5: Fern or Tree

Let’s restart these, shall we?  Today it’s kind of boring though.

This image is the second in a row that is just tangentially related to history. The source image is in color of course, and it has been put into black and white to make it look like it’s from.. about 30,000 BC here.  It’s of some random tree in a jungle somewhere, honestly the original is a lot easier to see what it is.

Because we’re talking about prehistory here, the producers were probably trying to refer to prehistoric ferns or plantlife.  Paleobotany is the study of plant remains in fossils.  I remember finding some of these in parks when I was a child - they seem to be some of the most common type of fossil laying around when you’re on a school fieldtrip.  It would be pretty easy to find some of these ferns around my neck of the woods right during the lava from the last scene. Of course these fossils are pretty important to figuring out that evolution actually happens, since it takes thousands of years in the best cases.