Big Bang Theory Intro #6: Leaving the Sea

Wow, it’s been a long time. Maybe I can do these weekly like the Project 52.

This is our first image which I couldn’t reliably find on one of the stock images sites. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, but I just can’t search through the millions of fish images and amphibian images out there. It’s set in the timeline on the screen at about 10,000 BC.

It’s meant to depict the evolutionary link from sea to land, one of the Tetrapods who have similarities to the frogs or lizards of today. I think it looks most like the Tiktaalik. There is a nice image on the Wikipedia page which shows one walking out of the sea. Of course the 10k BC number is off by a ton, as the Tetrapods were all from more than 300 million years ago or more. Then again, things haven’t really been that accurate up to now (and I don’t really expect them to be more accurate).

For the longest time I remember that the evolution deniers saying that they hadn’t seen any fish coming up on land, but they just didn’t like to look at the amphibians or something. There was always the “those don’t breathe water” things about them though. I also think that those Darwin stickers that people put on cars are cute, but I wouldn’t put one on one of my cars. For some reason I am quite timid, and that seems like a pretty direct jab at christians. I believe in evolution, but I don’t want to be hostile about it.