Big Bang Theory Intro #7: Iguanas Basking

We’re continuing to zoom out into bigger and bigger viewpoints through these first seven images in the flashing montage at the beginnign of the show. Today we are seeing some amphibians, just like the last image:

This image again is available in source form, and in color, through Jupiter Images. The title of the image is “Marine iguanas on rocks”, which is exactly what this image depicts. Marine Iguanas are unique in the world, and are only found near the Galapagos islands. It relates really closely to the image from last week, because it can forage and live off of the sea, not needing any of the things on the land. This image might be the first hint of a slant (other than the obvious timeline with billions of years) towards an evolutionary angle, as they were commented on by Charles Darwin when he was on his visit to the Galapagos.

They are protected by the Equadorian government, and are considered threatened by many becuase their food source is affected and these rocks that they bask on in order to raise their temperature (they are cold-blooded or course) are both affected by the El Nino effect.