Big Bang Theory Intro #9: Stegosaurus

More big dinosaurs in the next Big Bang Theory Opening picture.

This time I could find the source image on jupiterimages and many other sites. The original is in color, and looks like an interesting diorama or claymation setup. Since the Apatosaurus was in the last picture as well, I’m going to focus on the foreground beastie.

The Stegosaurus has long been one of my favorite dinosaurs. I always liked how his fins on the back looked, they were spiky but they didn’t have a lot of stuff. Also many times they are depicted as having a spiky tail, which I just thought was cool. I learned that there is some debate about whether they could actually use the spikes on the tail as a weapon.

I also learned that they have two brains, one stored in the tail, which was mentioned on Fringe, one of my favorite shows. The second brain was not necessarily used for extra storage, like posited on the show though, but more likely as some type of extra brain processing like an extra core booting up when they were in a dangerous situation.

Until researching for this post, I didn’t know that there are states with official state dinosaurs. The stegosaurus is the oldest state dinosaur, which Colorado designated in 1982. Denver’s Museum of Nature & Science has one of only 6 on display in the country. The fossil is in a super-awesome display where there is a mother and baby Stegosaurus being attacked by an Allosaurus (T-Rex).