Vernon wasn’t the kind of person who would normally go on a game show, but he really liked watching this one. When he got the letter in the mail asking him to be on the pool of contestants he was extatic. There was even tickets to the event center that the show was filmed in. He was going to get to see the actual set and talk to Manny Moola!

When the day came, he took the bus down to the city center and got a new suit just for the day. There wasn’t a big chance that he was going to be selected to play, but he wanted to be sure that if he was on the show, he looked good. The bus ride to the game center was a bit tricky because he didn’t want to get anything on the suit that would ruin his appearance.

The game center was a massive complex, that held not only Mad Cash, the show that he was going to be on, but a number of other shows at the same time. Game shows had kindof exploded after all scripted television was outlawed. People liked to see the good fortune of others and reality TV was always suspicious because of the scandal last year, so the networks filled their programming with hosts giving away prizes.

The set was exactly like it looked on the TV, with the flashing lights and the clear cubes that the contestants sat in before they were either chosen or not chosen. As he climbed into the cube before the show he couldn’t get it out of his head that it was his destiny to be on this show today, and he was going to go away with the big bucks.