Events of the Last Few Days.

Monday is a fairly quiet day for me at school, so I decided to waste a ton of time making my journal look like my homepage, in the hopes of merging them into one this weekend. If only I could get the comments pages to look right. I’m willing to let basically anyone use this new style that I made (I actually modified “A sturdy gesture” heavily). All in all, I’m pretty happy with the new page. I have a couple things that I still want to fix, like putting a navigation link at the bottom of the page, and some more links to facilitate things like editing entries.

Monday night I went to amagadalyn’s place and we watched Kiki’s Delivery Service. It was her first time watching it, and my first time watching it in english. I was happy with the way that Kirsten Dunst played Kiki. I brought over Laputa as well, so we’ll probably watch it sometime. I think it’s a bit better than Kiki, and she seemed to like that, so I have high hopes. We’re definitely watching it in japanese in order to avoid James Van Der Beek’s voice acting.

Tuesday was “change Amy night” - she got a haircut and decided to get a labret piercing. I was thrilled to go along and kinda wanted to watch, but it happened kinda fast and I was guarding her stuff. It looks really great on her - I’m sure she’ll post pics as soon as her camera works again.

Yesterday I actually attempted to get some work done on the iPaq interface to the robots, but discovered that the one that I needed to work on was completely discharged of all of it’s battery power. We discovered some adapters that seem to work for charging them - I hope that when I get in today I can attempt to get some work dona again.

Last night we watched Dancer in the Dark, which was an excellent movie with a shooting style I found very interesting (although at the theater it could have been nauseating). It had camera movement which seemed very similar to a home-movie type thing. As for the content of the movie, it was very sad - it had a melancholy feeling from the start, and didn’t really get any happier from there. Probably the most serious musical-type movie I’ve seen in a while - and Bjork’s musical style was perfect for this movie.

Today is another long thursday, and I need to do my homework for tomorrow and grade about 10 more labs that got emailed to me last night. I’ve also forgotten my lunch at home. Statistics lab is a great time to update my LJ. I’ve been very forward-looking lately, and have a desire to actually get things done at work. I’ve decided that I don’t really go to sleep in class because I’m sleepy, but more because I have a general tired-ness going on and I get bored at the content of the classes I’m going to. I’ve stopped reading for both of my classes in hopes that I get interested when the material is actually new to me. Oops, class is over already.