Everything Old Is New Again

Well, I’ve switched blog software. WordPress is great, but recently I’ve been wanting to develop more things to put on the page, and the model that drupal uses is much easier to handle and seems much more flexible. The developers seem to have much more open source mindset - I don’t know why, it’s just a perception thing. It gives me much more control over which articles which go to different syndication places, like the LiveJournal feed and Planet Debian. Drupal also makes it much easier for users to setup their own feeds for categories, if some people are only interested in say, the book or movie reviews.

I also made a new theme which is pretty minimal. I’m hoping to add more features in the near future. A short list, which is probably not comprehensive:

  • Book Reading/Review Sidebar
  • Movie Review Sidebar
  • A little color, possibly some icons
  • Revamp the TrainSched page