First Experiences

This week I had my first experience riding on the Metro bus, since the strike is over. I graciously received a bus pass as a gift from a friend’s friend last weekend, so I figured I could use it in order to get to some of the stuff I do on my long Thursday. It was interesting waiting for the bus again. I hadn’t done that since grade school - it seemed that I always had a ride from a parent or drove myself. The ride was surprisingly quick, even though we ended up making all the stops because people wanted to leave or enter the bus at every stop. I made it to class with plenty of time to spare, which I expect most riders on a schedule end up doing in order to accommodate the bus’s schedule. All in all, it was good I guess, in that “nothing went wrong” way. The seats on the Metro are much better than I expected, though.

Today I was pleased to go to Miss Saigon. This being my second theatre experience in Minneapolis (it was supposed to be my third, but that kind of fell through) and my first big name play experience, I was not sure what to expect. The play was wonderful, especially the actor who played The Engineer (Jon Jon Briones), who was from the original cast. I was disappointed to discover in the second act that I didn’t like his “big number”. I was moved to tears at some points, which may or may not be saying something, because I get moved like that when TV shows hit me just the right way as well. I found the story touching, if slightly cheesy. The part of Chris was overacted by a bit, and he drowned out Kim when they were singing together sometimes. Overall, it was a great time - I throughly enjoyed it. Favorite songs: “The Movie in My Mind”, “Sun and Moon”, “If You Want to Die in Bed”.