Five TV Shows This Season That I Don't Miss

TV shows are something that I haven’t really been concerned about much lately, but there is still a great number of shows out there that are very good, ad some surprising shows from the new season which are very good. I’m sad that much of this good work may be negated in the coming months by the writer’s strike, but I understand the side of the argument for the writers and agree mostly with them. That said, these are the top five shows that I will never miss throughout a week of TV (thanks TiVo)!

  • Chuck - it’s on on Monday nights right before Heroes, which makes it get good ratings no matter what. It also helps that the protagonist is a geek and has been thrown into a situation that he’s unfamiliar with. This creates a kind of coming-of-age story in which he slowly learns about his newfound powers and abilities. I’m a sucker for coming-of-age stories, so it was a hit for me to begin with. “Greatness thrust upon them”, I say, is more interesting. It also has an excellent soundtrack and wonderful opening sequence which is just a joy to watch. If you haven’t seen this show yet, I highly recommend. Added bonus, it has Adam Baldwin in it.
  • Heroes - wow, big surprise. This show continues to impress, creating a very good story continuing through this season. I like how the seasons themselves stand pretty much alone, with some references to old seasons. I also quite enjoy the comic book like writing of the show, as it fits with the supernatural nature of the characters. Still a top contender.
  • Pushing Daisies - this is Diana’s favorite show of this season. This most recent show by Brian Fuller doesn’t fail to impress - if you’re not familiar with Wonderfalls or Dead Like Me, they come highly suggested just as this does. The wonderful stylings which are reminiscent of any Tim Burton filmwork is enough to keep me glued to the screen even without the wonderful premise. The protagonist is someone who has a strange power, which lets him bring people and things back from the dead. Unfortunately, there are a few rules on the power he has - the first is that if he touches the reanimated ever again, he/she/it dies again, and the second is if he doesn’t kill he/she/it again within a minute, something of similar “worth” dies nearby. We don’t know quite all the rules on the powers yet, but it makes for very interesting storytelling, especially with lovely thematic kitch thrown in. This show is really a triumph of the artform if you ask me, and everyone should be watching it.
  • The Soup - it’s on cable, and it’s brain candy. Joel McHale takes everything that I wouldn’t watch on TV because it’s completely horrible and depraved, and mocks it lovilingly in The Soup. The humor is not to be understated, and the subjects deserve the humor tossed at them to boot. Definitely a half hour that is worth the TiVo.
  • How I Met Your Mother - I started watching the show because it had a hook - Neil Patrick Harris. Honestly, NPH was enough to be the hook not only for one cheezy funny movie, but a SEQUEL TO THAT CHEEZY MOVIE. The show is set as one gigantic flashback, with the main character telling his kids how he met their mother. We haven’t met fabled mother yet (and the kids in the future are getting pretty bored after a season and a half), but the premise actually kindof works as a gimmick. That said, the characters are actually good, and the actors are nothing to shake a stick at either. I still think that Allison Hannigan has great comedic timing. I can only hope that this show doesn’t go down the crap with the writers strike.

There are a bunch of other shows that I catch when I have the time or am bored. Diana is really the media junkie in the household, and uses the TiVo much more than I do. I have been trying to cut back on TV so as to make more time for other things such as editing my thesis proposal. However, it is important to lay back and enjoy some quality tele every once in a while.