One. Four. Six. Ten.

Good, it is climbing again. Things were touch and go there for a while. I wasn’t sure if things were going to start over again or if they were going to be stuck at zero for a while. Last time it was stuck at zero, lots of bad things happened all at once - the storm, and then the quakes, and the zombies.

The zombies were the worst of the zero-day tragedies, because they effected the most people in the world. People still are talking about the days when their children, husbands, and brothers were taken from them. Only males were zombified for some reason. It wasn’t noticeable as much at first, because men by nature can kind of have a low vocabulary to begin with, but soon the signs were unmistakable.

The first attack came after eighteen hours into the zero day. From then on, it wasn’t too bad. Only one half of one percent of the men on the planet were zombified, so it was pretty easy to quarantine. Some were eradicated of course, just because people didn’t know what to do at first. Then the rest were quarantined because we didn’t know if they would turn back when the meter went above zero again.

It finally did, but they never did turn back. Now they have their own island in the Pacific. Once a year a visual survey is taken to see if they are still surviving, and once a year we see them still thriving.

This time we were only at zero for a couple minutes though. Hopefully nothing went wrong.

Oh crap, the phone’s ringing.