Get Up, Come on Get Down With the Sickness

After I posted yesterday I started feeling not so well. I don’t know why, but it’s probably something hanging over from the cold I had a while back. I’m sure it’s great that I am going into work and walking around in a t-shirt and shorts too. Anyway my ncse was all stuffed up and I ended up not feeling too well at all.

Went to work for a while and then out to this great coffee shop in south minneapolis with Di. They had some of the most yummy strawberry cream cake. I understand the reasoning behind bringing home a cake in japanese anime now - if they make all the cakes as well as some of the coffee shops around here, I would be happy to get one too! After that work started interrupting. I’m sure I was one of the most boring people ever to Di at the Perkins as I talked for half an hour to Nikos about the state of the lab and ordering.

Eating was nice, talking to Di, than it was back to Di’s place for more West Wing season 2 (2 episodes left!) and sweet, sweet slumber. This morning I got a nice gesture from Di - a hot cup of healing tea. All of her healing teas that I’ve tasted so far are just awful. That’s probably part of the healing process though, and she’s sweet for making them for me anyway. She gave me this cool essential oil that smells like spearmint or something. It’s working great - I’m not stuffed up at all.

I forgot to mention in my last entry that I spent some time with my sister and parents in St. Peter Saturday. My sister has finals this week and my parents were moving out a bunch of her stuff. We had Chinese in town and saw the senior projects of some art students there at Gustavus. I got grilled about Di. They seem to not mind her, at least from the answers I gave - then again I may have put a little spin on it. :)