Gobble Gobble

I spent time with family at thanksgiving this year. A decent time was had by everyone, mostly eating and chatting about what was going on. I ate way too much, but it’s turkey day, what can you do? It was the first time I saw my grandfather for a very long time, actually since last christmas almost since I skipped easter this year. He seems to be doing fairly well. He’s using a walker around his apartment complex now, and he seems to be getting around very well. I’ve wanted to know him better than I actually do, and I hope I get around to it soon.

Updated my folks on about everything in my life at the same time, and spent the night at home before I drove back to the twin cities friday morning. Part of me wanted to stay there for longer. I was missing Di and had lots of work to do though - and I know I wouldn’t get it done there, it would basically just be loafing around.

After I got back Di was sick and had to call into work. I visited the library and tried to pick up her last check from her downtown workplace. Di is so wonderful, she lost her job last friday. by this friday, she had a temp job that pays more than her old job, and she got a job offer for much more than she was makign before that is actually in her field. It’s just amazing.

As for myself, I’m still trying to hanker down for the rest of the semester. Currently my top three school-related priorities:

  1. Project for Computer Vision
  2. Studying for Matrix Theory
  3. Working on behaviors for research

Somewhere in there should be grading, but unfortunately it’s been relegated to at least priority 4.