Got a Camera Rolling on Your Back

For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to participate in Project 365. For those that don’t know about it, it is the idea of taking one picture a day in order to accomplish.. something. I’m mainly just doing it for fun, and in order to improve my picture-taking skills with my camera phone. I have it walking around everywhere basically, so when I see something interesting, I try to have my phone at the ready. Some times I just take pictures of random stuff, but others are more interesting.

I’ve found that it’s pretty useful for me. If you see the set, you can almost notice a perceptible increase in quality of the photos. It may just be because I’m taking 2-3 photos per day and choosing the best one, or I may be actually improving in my photo-taking abilities. Hopefully by the end of the year, the set of mine will actually have more than 300 photos in it.

The idea of taking a picture a day is quite interesting to me, if only because if you asked me what I was doing last year this time, I would probably give you a general idea because my life is basically boring - I work in an office, even when I’m at school. This way I might have some idea or get reminded.

I do have a couple of kinks that I would like to work out when I’m doing it though - when I download my photos through Bluetooth using my phone, it sets all of the creation dates to the time that I transfer the photos instead of the time that I took the photos. This means that I need to fiddle with the “taken on” date when I finish uploading the pictures - there’s no way to use the Flickr Uploadr to set the date. This, and the horrible VGA camera that I have in the phone make it tempting for me to buy a new phone with a better camera and tools for transferring. Also, some days I just stay in, and don’t do anything interesting, so I don’t have anything interesting or different to take a picture of. I’m thinking of just taking a self-portrait on those days, but I’m not sure that it would be interesting enough.