I Have Heard the Song, and Now It Stays.

I have heard the song which will resound through my head for days. It has me. I am much like the man here.

It’s very interesting the stark contrast between things I want to do and things I have to do lately. I think it could be because semi-suddenly (it’s not like I wasn’t expecting it) the things I have to do are taking up lots of my time. On the other hand, soon, those things will not take up as much time.

Before the end of next week, have to do: Finish take home final, order parts for the lab, finish SSNSIM (final project), finish Reliable Communication Layer for Java (homework, way past due), make CheetSheet(tm) for statistics, study statistics, grade lab 14, grade final projects, grade final test, proctor final test, run tournament in class.

Want to do: be outside in general, spend time with Di, learn to cook a good dinner, finish watching Airmaster, or continue watching every other anime I have and haven’t watched, download more anime, work on Grit Online Update Tool (GOUT), work on debian/techie blog at base0.net, write in LJ about stuff, debug debian packages, install debian linux on various laptops of friends, take interesting statistics of spam received in the last year, archive mail, watch futurama (disc 1 is on it’s way), read innumeracy, read escher’s window, play with scheme tournament code, learn to code for OS X, create EatWatch tool for Linux, create autozoomgrid widget for use in QT, read up on EigenTrust and NICE

I need to call my parents and chat with them, it’s been weeks and much has happened since. Tonight is the last crappy Thursday ever. It’s nice. Did my finances earlier this week and discovered that without some help from external sources, I would be farther in debt on paper when I finish May than when I started it. Found out yesterday that some of the needed financial help will be coming to me for help in the lab doing ordering, which will be nice. Found out Tuesday that I got charged $25 because my rent wasn’t paid on time. The check was sitting on my desk but forgot to take it down - one mistake I won’t make again. I’ve been looking for alternate sources of income just for a few extra bucks still though, in order to give me some padding. I’ve been thinking that I am perfect at living either exactly at or just beyond my means. This worries me some because I don’t account for accidents which could cost a lot of money, but I haven’t had one yet.

I am, as others aptly put it “in a holding pattern” for the “Elephant”. Brought an Elephant for silvrayn last weekend. Hoping we can pop him joyfully next weekend and shred his remains, and use them as celebration for something I would have taken for granted two months ago. It would be very frustrating and I would be going crazy except that I am very busy with other things, and wonderful things entered into my life in the recent past.

It seems that I write long entries recently. I wonder how many of you actually read through all of them.