I Was Sitting, Waiting, Wishing..

Well, after I got everything done on the list today the movers came and moved all fo the stuff. Di showed up at just the right time and the timing was perfect with the movers and the keys and everything. Got out of it far under the budget I was planning on. Unfortunately the entire new place is filled with boxes and nothing is unpacked right now.

The new place is great - even with all of the boxes it’s better than the old apartment. Diana likes it a ton as well so I think we’re going to be good here until we move somewhere permanent. First utility to be tested in the new apartment? Cable internet of course. It’s working fine!

List of stuff to do tomorrow follows

  1. Hygene
  2. Rent Rug Doctor
  3. Old Apartment:
    1. Move anything we’re not throwing out, to the car
    2. Clean bathroom (bleach, bleach, bleach)
    3. Clean bedroom (vacuum, vacuum, vacuum)
    4. Clean Hallway/Linen Closet
    5. Clean Office (vacuum some more)
    6. Clean Kitchen
      1. Clean Stove
      2. Clean Fridge
      3. Clean Countertops
      4. Sweep, Vacuum floor
      5. Mop Floor
    7. Clean Living Room / Entry Area
    8. Remove Cleaning Supplies
    9. Storage Units to car or trash
  4. New Apartment:
    1. Office:
      1. Setup Desks/Shelves
      2. Setup Power Distribution (this doesn’t look too bad but must check to see if we have 1 or 2 circuits in there)
      3. Setup Odo (new wireless ethernet, look ma, no wires!)
      4. Setup Printer
      5. Setup Scanner
      6. Setup Filing Cabinets
    2. Living Room:
      1. Plug in and move lamp to corner
      2. Setup Entertainment Center
      3. Cable mania with TV + VCR + DVD + ReplayTV + Easy iBook hookup
      4. Setup Table
      5. Move Bookshelves to rightful position
    3. Kitchen:
      1. Unpack Dishes
      2. Unpack Pots & Pans
      3. Stock Fridge, Food
      4. Wash Dishes
      5. Setup Microwave
    4. Bedroom:
      1. Buy Bedframe
      2. Setup Bed
      3. Move furniture to rightful position
      4. Hang Clothes
    5. Give away used boxes
  5. Take a much-needed break for an hour and watch some anime

Any bets on us getting all of this done tomorrow? Come on, there’s only 5 things! :)