iBook Failure Recovery, and What Else I've Been Doing

Well, I discovered last night while I was writing a blog entry that my iBook G4 is somewhat broken. After ignoring it for most of the day today, I am currently working on getting my home directory off of it so that I can try installing Debian later tonight. I think that some piece of hardware has failed, because I haven’t seen OS X sieze up like this before. However, I haven’t yet had a freeze occur when I am in Linux of some kind. The symptoms of this failure vary between not being able to boot (blue screen before progress bar) to booting and then freezing completely, to the point of no mouse movement, to booting and freezing partially allowing for mouse movement but no interaction of any kind. I’m trying to view this as an opportunity to install Debian now that the Airport Express works in Linux, but the type of failure is very frustrating. rsync to the rescue, to restart backups where they left off before they froze.

It seems that software isn’t being nice to me lately either. When I tried to start Visual Studio .NET at work on Tuesday, it refused to start, including without a .sln being loaded up at all. This caused a complete work stoppage for me, spending about half the day trying to discover what was wrong and putting calls in to various help desks. The other half of the day and half of yesterday was spent attempting to setup a second system with the files needed for working. I think that when I return on Monday I will be in a state where I can just start working again. As a bonus, they should have my original machine (which is fairly beefy from a hardware standpoint) reimaged so I can start setting it up once more with the tools for work.

Other than the constant computer problems, I’ve been playing a fair amount of Battlefield 2. I’ve managed to get almost all of the basic badges, and I am quickly on my way to another promotion. The TiVo TV Diet is working out well, I am actually watching less TV than I planned for, mostly because I’m not really up for watching Jeopardy every day. That knocks me down to less than 2 hours a day. I seem to be getting a lot more personal work done, and watching more of my Netflix movies. I uploaded new packages for vgrabbj, codeville and bogosort. I am happy with the state of all of them excepting bittorrent, which is still a very old version due to the new license they switched to for the 4.X series. There has been some movement on that front lately however: apparently the Ubuntu people are bugging Bram and friends as well as myself about changes that the license needs. Crossing my fingers!

One Year Ago: The good part is that it does actually help you, well, get things done. Two Years Ago: Tuesdays have now become my TV night.