If Only I Could Now..

Well, as expected, I didn’t get the 5 things (oh yea, and about 40 sub-things) done today that I had planned on. However, I did take a big chunk out of it. I did clean the old place, making my hands raw. There is really less than one carload left at the old apartment now. Picking that up tomorrow at about 9:30am and then dropping off the keys with the manager of the building. We officially have the place until the 31st but I want to give them a chance to rent it out to someone else so we may get some of that last month’s rent back.

The office setup is next on the agenda tomorrow. I hope to have it up and running so that I can deliver the stuff I was supposed to deliver yesterday and my debian packages. We got a nice bedframe at IKEA today and I set it up, it took far too long but it will be good for us I think to have. Now we have one more thing we should get rid of - the foundation of the bed we used to use. It’s probably about $10 worth of injection-molded plastic, but Sleep Number sells it for $300, so we can probably get rid of it in short order.

After the office, it’s unpacking for the rest of everything. We have a general layout of what we want the apartment to look like, but we’re having to change it because the rooms aren’t quite the dimensions that we had planned on originally. Also, I think we’re going to have to move the light somewhere else, because it’s not going to jive well with the recliner part of the couch.

Sleepy time now.