I'm Very Well Acquainted, Too, With Matters Mathematical.

Well, it’s not quite “tomorrow” from my last update. I really mean to update this more often, but it’s turning into a “what did jamuraa do today” type of thing, and I don’t think that’s all that interesting, myself.

Monday was fairly normal. I surprisingly didn’t fall asleep in class, even though the professor was going over material that he had already covered the day before. I had a Mello Yello during the class, which may have helped a little. Also, I was attempting to think of how the statistics would actually apply to my work - which was an interesting exercise because robotics and statistics aren’t really peas in a pod, but they are used together a lot. Mostly for things like covariance testing. Monday night was fairly uneventful.

Tuesday I surprisingly didn’t go to sleep in my Distributed class. It could have been because the material was interesting, nbut it was more likely because I got enough sleep on Monday. Watched some of the caucuses tuesday night, I was happy that Kucinich made a strong showing in MN.

Wednesday was a short day due to evening festivities with amagdalyn, so I didn’t get much of anything done at work except for normal, run-of-the mill stuff. Wednesday night was a planned fun evening with Amy - ordered chinese, had dinner and generally enjoyed the company of each other. Went for DQ afterward because even though it was freezing, earlier in the week it was feeling like spring, and time for ice cream again.

Yesterday was normal, if you can call any Thursday that I have normal. I will say one thing, I will most likely never volunteer for a 8am to 9pm day ever again. amagdalyn was a sweetie and picked me up from work at 9 when the sky was impending doom upon us all. Luckily it didn’t start until after.

This weekend isn’t quite full yet, although tonight is pretty taken. American Splendor is playing on campus in the West Bank Auditorium for free, which will be watched after free burritos (Chipotle rules, they have the niftiest promotions). Anyway, this went way too long. Time for donuts.