It's a Long Thursday and There's Reason to Believe...

This week so far is a pretty normal week, with the exception of being at someone else’s house with a big dog for a large portion. amagdalyn was housesitting for the dog, so I spent a bunch of time reveling in nice cable and making sure that he didn’t chew up all their magazines.

The homework which was supposed to be due last week tuesday was very not done at the beginning of this week, which puts me in a state of stress. One of the group members hasn’t committed anything to CVS yet, so I don’t feel like I’m not doing my part, but I sincerely hope that this weekend we can nail this thing down. Another assignment for the same class materialized this week, and I need to get a lot of reading done in this same weekend in order to catch up to want_a_be in the subject, or at least get some cursory knowledge about it. It looks to be a pretty full weekend between those two projects.

I got some work done on my Debian packages last friday, which made me happy because the bittorrent package was old by a version. Hoping I can do some more of that soon. I’ve been thinking of trying to install Debian on my iBook, but I have been wary of it because I think that Linux really can’t survive without a 3-button mouse. I’ve been very surprised at how well the Mac works with the one button - almost all interface elements work fine and I haven’t felt restricted.

Okay that was a very geeky post. I’m happy tomorrow is Friday. It’s now officially the end of a long thursday. On a completely unrelated note, I’m not sure I know the real words to the song in my head right now. It’s probably one of the most misunderstood songs ever.