It's Gonna Be a Long Day..

Well, here I am in the middle of another long tuesday. I’ll probably be updating again later today - during my extremely long break. Right now, I’m taking a short break from statistics, because the lab isn’t really all that interesting to me. I skipped last week because of my extreme tiredness. Today, I’m not tired, but if I wasn’t keeping myself entertained, I would probably be falling asleep anyway.

Let’s see, what happened since I last updated. Went out to Plan B for coffee with amagdalyn on Monday - quite the relaxing, laid-back place. The army and NSF visited the lab to check out the robots monday and tuesday, so everyone else is getting stressed out. Sometimes I get the feeling that the room is going to explode around there. The robot decided to not agree with it’s user on Monday. I need to get working on a solution to that problem (maybe something I can get done in my break today).

Saw Lost in Translation with amagdalyn last night. Bill Murray can actually act if he needs to. There were the funny parts of the movie, and the sad parts. The feel of the whole movie was very interesting though. You really got the feeling that you were far from home and just worn out with life, like Murray’s character. Meeting someone from closer to home with the same feeling put the whole movie together nicely. I expect I enjoyed the movie slightly more, owing in part to my knowledge of japan (due mostly to anime) and partly because amagadalyn was dead tired and slept through some of it.