It's Such a Wonder That I Think I'll Stay in Bed.

Sorry for no updates over the weekend, not even a rant or two. I really need to have one bubble up sometime soon, otherwise I’ll be stuck with just updating with the status of my life, and we all know how boring that is.

Last Thursday (yes, it’s been that long since I updated), was a nice day. I drove in as usual and got a decent spot in the ramp, and was early enough that I could stop and check my e-mail. The lab sections were going over review for the test on the next day, so for the first hour of the day I got to do actual work for the class, which means grading. Most of the students are doing fairly well in the class, but some of them just don’t get it. I really wish those students would come into class. I got to go over the test they just took in the second hour of the lab, which I enjoyed greatly as I enjoy all teaching. I really love teaching new material more though. In class, there was a guest lecturer, which wasn’t too interesting.

Friday was office hours, which a few people showed up to, but not many. I expected more, since they all should have had questions about the test that they were taking later that day. After that, Statistics and 15 minutes of Coffee hour before I went to a visiting speaker to make up for the class that I missed last Monday. The speaker was excellent, and presented the material very well. I really think he would be a great addition to the faculty here. His research was very impressive. Later in the day was proctoring the test, which, as always, is very boring.

Friday night I took amagdalyn out to eat at Applebees (yummy hot wings) - I was very hungry at that point, having had a total of like, 3 donuts intake the whole day. After that we went back to my place and attempted to watch Twelve Kingdoms, one of my favorite anime ever. Amy fell asleep as she is apt to when watching movies late at night. The bed was really too small for the both of us, and we gave up on watching the show pretty early that night, so I had a hard time sleeping. I really didn’t care much though.

Saturday I had to go to the U in order to grade the tests from Friday. It took 4 people 3 hours, but we got them all graded and added up. Most of the class did fairly well, but there were the ones that did badly. I was glad to get it out of the way. The rest of the day was lazy but gorgeous! Such wonderful weather coaxed us to walk down Nicollet for lunch. We ended up stopping at the Jasmine Deli and had some wonderful soup and Papaya Salad. It got a bit busy while we were eating, and I was glad to have the waitress tell us how the food is meant to be eaten – I always worry about doing things the completely wrong way at restaurants. After supper I was on a quest for pocky, so we walked through a couple of the international markets to no avail.

Sunday was a lazy day as well. Ended up getting up around 2pm. After that it was just a adventure in killing time - I watched a bit of Mallrats because I wasn’t sure if I had seen it or not (I had). Another great day weather-wise, so we walked to Chipotle, which took an amazingly short amount of time compared to what we thought. We met with sugarbeet there, who graciously gave us a ride back. Watched Peter Jackson take home tons of Oscars.

This is getting way too long, so I guess I’ll write about yesterday, tomorrow. Time to get some work done!