"Just the One Guy, No Other Guys Attached to Me"

Ben and Kelly are officially dating now and it’s “out”. It’ll be interesting, since us three were pretty close friends beforehand. I’m not quite sure how to act around them yet, but I really hope it won’t damage either friendship even the relationship between both of them is going to the “next level” or whatever. Seeing them together makes me want to start dating more – it emphasizes my singleness. It shouldn’t be too hard, since I haven’t been dating much at all lately. Despite my recent LJ post on the subject, I think I found a online service that I won’t mind - Lavalife actually works on a credit system, which means you only spend your money when you’re actually meeting and communicating with people. It has a much lower chance of “money into black hole” than all the other services. It’s still not ideal by any means however. This new OkCupid site looks interesting though.

I got to teach class (beginning programming) Friday and Monday. I love teaching, I hope to do it after I graduate - I was really happy and enthusiastic. I covered the material sort of fast, so I hope they got it all. I was thrilled to see the class the same or even more full on Monday than it was on Friday. I think it was a good test that I wasn’t doing completely horrible. I even got a couple comments about how enthusiastic I was and taught well. It was a great time.