Life, Jim, but Not as We Know It..

Well, things have been going okay in my life except for a couple things. Diana has been sick for the last three days, which means she’s staying at home over the weekend and couldn’t work at all. I’ve been trying to help her back to health. The TV broke last week, so we went out and bought a new one which is much better. This is the model we got, and I think we got a good deal at $199. The quality is better than the old TV and it’s of course not broken, which is it’s major advantage over the old one.

Yesterday my parents were in town, so I went to have brunch with them at Joe’s Garage, which was family style and very good. It was nice to see them because I didn’t get to go down for Thanksgiving and won’t see them for Christmas because we’re going to Indiana this year. We had a bunch of catching up time, extending beyong brunch to a short walk in Loring Park and through a couple shops on Nicollet.

Yesterday I had a little accident - after being out of the house the whole day, I went to drop off something for Di and stupidly double parked because I thought I was only going to be on the street for less than a minute. Of course, someone came around the corner. I scampered to my car and slipped on my way, causing a nasty sprain which has kept me sitting and lying down all day today basically. Hopefully it will be good enough tomorrow to go to work, which I anticipate - it’s been improving all day. I feel like crap because there was a pretty important meeting today at school which I missed. Di has been a dear with me basically incapicated for part of the day.