Me Too!

jwendl 91%
sugarbeet 91%
zedd 91%
amagdalyn 90%
joceiphus 90%
silvrayn 80%
kitchenwitch 76%
gunn 69%
pinkscotch 69%
skarletbeg0nias 54%
adrianne 50%
How compatible with me are YOU?
kitchenwitch 41%
skarletbeg0nias 37%
amagdalyn 37%
adrianne 36%
gunn 29%
joceiphus 4%
sugarbeet 0%
jwendl 0%
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jamuraa’s LiveJournal Friend Stats I
Biggest digital packrat: gunn
Most easily-distracted: miss_jones
Most friendly: sugarbeet
Most popular: gunn
Most communities: adrianne
Oldest on LJ: adrianne
Newest to LJ: want_a_be
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