Meetup, Teaching

Went to the LJ meetup last night. zedd, silvrayn, miss_jones, sparkledrop, amagadlyn, joceiphus, sugarbeet, and Ben (who I think is now want_a_be) were there. It was a fun time, went around the room with everyone’s jobs and passing around anecdotal stories about Minneapolis, Driving, and other stuff. zedd gets the “HARDCORE” award for driving from Rochester. Afterwards I was getting pretty hungry, so we dropped off Ben and headed to the IHOP with joceiphus. Yummy breakfast food was had by all.

I get to teach the 1901 (Structure of Computer Programming I a.k.a. Beginning Programming) this Friday. I’m pretty excited, but I haven’t taught students who are this green before anything, unless you count the lab/discussion that I lead last summer. I think I’m going to get to teach them the joy of special forms like “if” and “and” and “or” and the meaning behind them being a special form and not a combination. We’ll see how far the professor gets today.