Movie: Shrek 2

Saw Shrek 2 last week. The movie starts with the premise of meeting the inlaws, which always seems like a decent start to a comedy movie. There are the requisite “I don’t like you” from the father. After a prescribed part of that, there is the main plot - Shrek feeling bad about not being good enough for Fiona. Of course, at this point you can see where the movie will end up, but the writers make it worth your while to stay along for the journey. It’s a movie I’ll have to see on DVD in order to catch all the jokes. Unfortunately some of them are topical, so don’t look for them to make sense without context later in life.

The movie’s animation wasn’t spectacular. There are a few scenes that had a lot of closeup hair or grass that was interesting, but other than that, the entire movie had a very cartoonish feel to it. I’m not sure if it was deliberate or just because of shoddy rendering on the part of Dreamworks.

Overall, it was worth it to pay to see in the theater, and I would probably go again if I was with friends. It’s a maybe on the DVD rental - only if there aren’t other movies I haven’t seen and that may be good. For now I’ll give it a 4.

Notice I don’t tell you out of how many, or what the scale is like. I think I’ll figure that out later or something.