My Brain Hurts.

I just finished grading 240 problems in a little less than 4 hours for my class, since they took a test on friday. We’re speedy, I tell you. My brain feels a little like mush right now. I’d love to go out and do something completely mindless, but I’ll probably stay in and watch more DVDs. If anyone wants to do something mindless like watching a movie (ooh, cold theater would feel good about now), IM me.

Last night I ended up chatting with amagdalyn for entirely too long and missed going out dancing, which made me semi-frustrated. So at the end of the night I instead watched two episodes of Six Feet Under that I rented from GreenCine. After two episodes my review is that either Peter Krause is a very good actor or I’ve only seen him in two TV shows that were extremely well written and directed well - the other show I’ve seen him in is the wonderfully written Sports Night written by Aaron Sorkin, the same writer as The West Wing. Also, Michael C Hall is playing his character very well too. The first two episodes have been eventful and give us incredible insight into the characters’ backstories and psyches. I hope the rest lives up to them. I’m also not used to TV shows without commercials being actually an hour long, in the first episode I was like “shouldn’t this be over yet? but it’s so good!”.

If I’m going to keep watching DVDs on my iBook, I’m going to need to buy some good headphones. The speakers suck and so do most of my headphones since they’re “walking headphones” that I don’t really care if they get messed up. On that note, if someone has a desire to watch Six Feet Under with me, I wouldn’t mind watching the first two episodes again.

It’s been really freaking hot in my apartment lately. I’m sure it’s not helped by having two space heaters (a.k.a. computers) running all the time. I’m very glad I have a bug fan that pushes air around