My Feet Are Killing Me

Well, today I was hoping to get a new license, my first Minnesotan one. Di and I walked to downtown, where she had some stuff to do. We walked downtown and when we got to Block E we took the skyways. We stopped and browsed around Barnes & Noble for a while and then walked the skyways to the Hennepin county government building downtown.

It was there, in a huge government building in the heart of a large metropolitan area, that I found out that I need a birth certificate in order to prove that I exist or something, and I need to go to one of the suburbs in order to take the written test. I find it slightly strange that I can’t get it done in a large building downtown. I also find it annoying that they can’t trust that Iowa verified my existence/identity correctly when they gave me my license.

After that ordeal, we had been walking a while so we went through the skyways back to Block E and had some ice cream from Coldstone Creamery and I had a pretzel. We discovered that if we were more astute earlier, we could have seen Harry Potter at a special showing at the theater there. Then we took the streets to the post office, where I finally mailed my copy of This is Spinal Tap to someone who wanted it for $10.

All in all, it was a LOT of walking, so my feet hurt now, and I’m resting. I didn’t go into work today and feel kindof bad about that, except that I found out that nothing would have been done by me except a couple of useless phone calls anyway. I’m going to sit down and watch some TV now and rest.