Nobody Thinks or Expects Too Much

Today is a bunch of quickies about random stuff.


..and subsequently waking up. I have been trying out the advice of How to Become an Early Riser recently, after discovering it about a week ago from somepeople. I had been sleeping from about 4am to noon or 1pm, depending on the day. I decided to go all out and set my alarm clock for 5:30am, never to be reset again. It didn’t work out the first couple days, but after three days of getting up on time, my body is definitely adjusting well to it, and I get a bunch of work done in the morning before I head off to work at 9.

Debian packages-arch-specific

vgrabbj finally got out of packages-arch-specific hell and is building on almost all architectures. I think the addition of a new person to the team maintaining packages-arch specific helped a bunch, because shortly after I emailed the new maintainer movement occurred after two months of nothing from the other two. I don’t know if they had to actually check out the package itself efore removing the line, but it seems like something as simple as removing one line from a file in cvs shouldn’t take that long.

Planet issues

For some reason, the posts from my blog which are syndicated to PlanetDebian are showing up on the planet 2 times for every post I make. If anyone has some insight as to why, and whether it’s a problem on my end, I’m all ears.


Diana makes me happy like a bright sunny day after a long cloudy winter week.