October Diet Update

Okay, so this is a little late.  Almost a month late actually.  I figured that I should get it out before I have to make the next month’s post and explain the mysterious missing section of my logging.  Last month I was struggling to have the weight come off, stagnating on the scale even though I was working just as hard.  I’m happy to say that that trend has continued to some extent.  I’m still doing exercise, but I am moving it around some more, doing it in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings depending on when I get time.  Morning is what I did mostly in September, which was a lot easier because the evenings are free more often.

Football has started, which means that I have a good workout time for Sunday, or Monday, or Thursday, depending on what day of the week the Vikings play.   Usually I make it an “endurance” day, meaning that I try to walk for an hour and a half at least, at a lower pace.   It works out well because I am actually burning more calories (according to the machine) and I get to watch more of the game without having to bother Diana.  If I only cared more about some of the other games, I would have a structured time three times a week instead of just one.  I really don’t care about other teams’ football though, so while sometimes I will watch the Sunday game and exercise if the Vikings play on Monday or Thursday, I won’t watch the Monday or Thursday games without my favorite team.

Outside was really nice in September.  There were a lot of beautiful trees with leaves falling down and turning colors all over the neighborhood.  I didn’t vary my route that much and I still got to see a nice progression of the fall colors in because of the differing types of trees while I walk.  Entertainment was usually audiobooks again.  I started and finished listening to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and started The Girl Who Played With Fire.  I got a little bored with it, and started to lean on the podcasts some more.

Let’s take a look at the graphs, shall we?

PhysicsDiet.com is working again, which is great news, because I don’t need to figure out another way to get these graphs.  This graph really is what amplifies my frustration.  The loss of less than a quarter pound a week is about a fourth of the weight loss that I’m hoping for.  There is a lot of red meaning I was over my trend weight, essentially gaining points on those days. Strings of three above the line are not what I am aiming for.  At least the linear trend line is still going in a downward direction.

This graph is my savior.  It shows that even after a significant plateau, I can continue on the exercise and make progress again.  You might notice that April looks disturbingly similar to September.  In fact now that I am looking for it, you can see somewhat similar trends right before April and right before September as well.  It’s promising.

There are a bunch of breaks in October, including a trip to Portland where I wasn’t exercising or tracking my weight, and probably some time around that.  The next post in this series will only be in about a week though, since this one is so late.