One Friday I Won't Forget

Yesterday was Buca’s with the LJ gang including zosiablue, adrianne, bronzegoddess and company. I had a great time meeting everyone. The food was mediocre by Buca’s standards though. I swear our waiter had the perfect voice for a stand-up comic. Having the food be not so great (except for the cheesecake, which was supreme) wasn’t really a factor though because the company was great.

We started at Buca’s late and were there until it closed basically. After that a smaller group of us went to amagdalyn’s apartment to continue enjoying the company. Amy got her hedgehog out and one of her Chinchillas for our amusement pretty quickly. One highlight of the evening: harveytchansaw’s perfect analogy for the boxers/briefs debate from a guy’s perspective. We stayed up very late, but that was okay because now it’s saturday.

I was supposed to wake up and go into school to grade tests that the class took yesterday, but my alarm clock had other ideas. It’s okay because we rescheduled for tomorrow, but I feel horrible because three TAs waited there for me for an hour.