Online Dating Sucks.

Or, I should say, online dating services suck. I want to start dating now, and I figure since I’m a pretty online guy, I would go with an online dating service or 2. I signed up at Yahoo! Personals and and put some words about me. Words about me aren’t that easy to come by for me, because I’m not a really introspective person. I guess the main problem I have with personals sites is that they all cost money. I’d certainly be willing to pay if I knew that someone was interested in me from these sites, but so far I’ve gotten one response from one person in the non-pay way (which are usually some sort of flirt or wink or something that you can’t really put anything into). Granted, I chat with that person regularly now, and she’s great, but I kinda hoped for better. Sometimes I think I’m just not suited to these types of things - that people have to get to know me first before they like me all that much. Then again, I’m a fairly weird person by most people’s standards. Oh well.