Five Podcasts That I Listen To

Ever since I got my Android, one of the first things that I used for it was to listen to podcasts. The touch interface is perfect for selecting podcasts and it was one of the major advantages of the Android platform that you were allowed to write podcatchers. I’ve used DoggCatcher as my preferred podcatcher since the beginning, dabbling with Google Listen every once in a while just to see if it works any better.

Over the last few years, I’ve been listening to mostly the same podcasts, introducing some and removing some as appropriate. Since I am running out of ideas for good blog posts, I figured I could write a list of the ones that I listen to and why I like them.

This is the first of two podcasts which overview the week’s news, and they also make it funny as well. I used to watch the Daily Show regularly for some news and funny in the same package, but I started falling behind and it wasn’t very interesting.

I really like the Friday Night Comedy podcast because it rotates between The News Quiz and The Now Show. One gets old and then it’s over and the other begins. It also covers different news than all of the US-centric outlets that I would normally get my information from, which makes it a little more interesting.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is NPR’s answer to the BBC radio quiz show, and it’s sometimes funny and sometimes not. A lot of the people that I seem to converse with online think that it’s a bit pretentious and not very funny, but I find myself laughing every once in a while.

The questions are way too easy and most of the stories are way too easy to spot or figure out. I might stop listening to this soon, but it’s only once a week and it’s still somewhat entertaining.

Back to Work is the second most recent addition to my podcast list, and the one that I look forward to the most every week. Merlin Mann is consistently funny as well as giving useful advice and important insight for people in the creative field. My day job isn’t exactly in the situation that I would need all of his advice, but a lot of what he talks about on this show seems like it speaks to me regularly.

Dan Benjamin is a good co-host to Merlin and does just the right amount of keeping on track and steering back to the topics that they were talking about.

If you check out only one podcast from this list, check out this one. It’s the only one on this list that I’ve recommended for other people to listen to. The quality of this show is actually making me think of trying out some other shows managed / co-hosted by Dan.

If you see me listening to a podcast and you ask me what it is, the most likely answer is going to be Buzz Out Loud. It’s not because it’s all that interesting or funny, but it has five shows a week, which means it’s the most frequent of the shows that I listen to.

It covers tech news, and it’s usually aligned with my views, and sometimes they cover news that I haven’t noticed before. It’s nice to sometimes hear the news, and if I’m busy at work during the day, I will catch up on all of the big stories of the day.

Economics is a tricky subject, and it’s hard to understand under the best of circumstances. Planet Money is one of my go-to sources for explaining what’s happening in the global economy in terms that I can understand, educating myself on the various terms and viewpoints that are being talked about when people are discussing economic matters.

One of the nice things about Planet Money is that the episodes don’t really have an expiration date. I’ve listened to episodes many months later than they aired and the information was still quite useful to me.

I have a few more podcasts that I listen to, but not as regularly as these five. I’d recommend checking these out once, and see if they’re something you like.