Quickie Hack: Online X-mas List

It’s getting around that time of year when kids start singing little annoying songs and thinking of the toys that they will be getting in slightly more than a month. In my family, when everyone gathered for thanksgiving, the younguns were expected to have a list which could be disseminated throughout the family with everything they wanted. This avoided some of the more cliché gifts such as sweaters and socks. But who’s to say that grownups can’t have a little fun as well?

It’s rather easy to use del.icio.us as a holder for your whole Christmas list. If you find something you want, just add it to your del.icio.us bookmarks with a special tag - I’m using “xmaslist2006”. Using del.icio.us gives you a few advantages over the traditional list:

  • A nice URL which you can give to friends, family and anyone else who might want to give you something - mine, for example, is http://del.icio.us/jamuraa/xmaslist2006. It’s very readable and could even be memorable to someone who uses del.icio.us themselves.
  • You get to put comments by each item, which may persuade perusers of your list to get a certain item, or point out synergistic items like the Two iPod things you want.
  • The list can be updated by yourself, meaning there’s really no deadline for your list to be finished. This also adds a little bit of non-repeatability - if I know that someone else already bought their gift, I can buy something added recently for a better chance of uniqueness.
  • You get to keep your list around, letting you get those things you wanted with the plethora of gift cards that you received, buy the things you REALLY wanted yourself, or even carry things over to next year.

Things on the list need not be completely techie - if you’re just looking for a nice sweater, you can add a general page or a representative item with a comment on it. Perhaps include your sizes as well, especially for items which come in a large number of sizes like pants. With any luck, you’ll get just what you want this year.