Researching Parties..

Well, last night I went out to chuck’s place to party with the whole lab gang. We watched Swingers and partook of a lot of alcohol. Actually, I think there was more partaking of alcohol and lively conversation than there was of watching the movie. It was loads of fun - I’m sure pics will be posted by silvrayn, who was also there (or maybe even want_a_be, who hasn’t even used his LJ account yet). I invited amagdalyn and she came along and drove, which was very cool. I had far too much Guiness - 4 extra stout and 1 bottle. It didn’t get me as drunk as it did fill me up - I was definitely not sober by the end of the night though.

I’ve been feeling like I should do more work lately, which is most likely a good thing. I have to figure out exactly what in robotics I’m planning on doing my thesis on, and that means basically reading papers and books to kingdom come. I shouldn’t have a huge problem with that because this semester is not too hard classes-wise.

I get to give the Pioneer robot intro speech again tomorrow like I did last semester. Apparently I’m the go-to guy for it now, which doesn’t bother me really, but I haven’t used the robots in almost a year now. I’m excited to stand in front of a class and teach again though.