Serendipity Plugin for LiveJournal Markup

Serendipity is my blogging software of choice lately, but in the past I was a happy user of LiveJournal. Fortunately, now my friends at LJ can keep up to date with my current blog, because of a great event plugin which mirrors posts here on LiveJournal (configurable of course). On LJ people use markup like [lj user=”jamuraa”] in order to make a handy link to the page of the livejournal user in question. I was missing that feature, so I coded up a small plugin for s9y which converts that into jamuraa. This is version 0.1, which only does the user tag. It also works in comments if you enable it. In the future, I hope to add code to detect the user type correctly (on LiveJournal there are other icons for different user types). I also probably should not hotlink to the .gifs on the livejournal servers.

To install, just unzip into the plugins/ directory of your s9y installation.

Download the LJ Markup Plugin 0.1 for Serendipity (Update: 2012 - I have lost this file, so I removed the link which was broken anyway. I suspect the plugin was broken in any case. I would like to get a copy of it for posterity, if someone has it, you can email me and I will be greatful!)