She sat at the bar and sipped on her red wine. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was the best that this wine bar had, and after all she wasn’t here to sample the alcohol selection. The white daisy sat in her hair and displayed her intention to whoever was doing to walk through that door and recognize her.

Online dating wasn’t going that well for Lisa, the problem being that most of the guys who she met on the site were either losers who weren’t worth her time or were just cruising for some simple casual sex. Not that she didn’t enjoy herself with some of the latter kind of suitor, but it wasn’t her final goal anyway. After six months of nothing serious, she was about ready to move on.

Jeremy’s profile wasn’t different from the rest of the ones that she had set up with before: typical active guy picture with him throwing some frisbee in a park, interests like sports, gaming, and comedy TV shows. The thing that set him apart from the rest was his communication. She couldn’t put her finger on it to begin with, but it was somehow more sophisticated that the rest of the people she had conversed with.

It started with the usual “you’re cute” type of message but quickly progressed until he was talking about philosophy, the universe and human nature. She started checking her email in the mornings before work just to see if there was something there. It was the highlight of the day when the email noise dinged and she saw that it was more words from his mind to her.

The little bell rang, and the door to the wine bar opened, and Jeremy walked in to her life.