This weekend was fun. Friday I went out for bad food at McDonalds with amagdalyn and th0rny and we went to satisfy my shiny new toy urge. That’s right, I went and bought a 12” iBook. I got it new from the Apple Store in the MOA with an AirPort card, 640MB of Memory, and the 3 years of service for around $1500. I’ll be paying it off for the next half a year at least I figure, but surprisingly, the interest rate on one of my credit cards was less than the rate on their dumb little instant loan.

Some may be saying “oh man, he has turned to the dark side!” It may be true - I actually love this new little thing. It’s amazing to have a *nix machine that works and has tons of applications ready for it. Almost everything that I try works automatically, and I haven’t had it lockup once. It’s nice and small, and the wireless works great. Pics of the shiny new toy will be forthcoming, but for now I can give you a screenshot:

Then we went and got some really good ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery (Amy and I still have some left - we got a bucket). We hung out for a while and I played with the new toy. Later we went to see Fight Club at Block E, which was really good on the big screen, but the theater next to us had WAY too loud speakers - I could hear them whenever big stuff happened. Maybe we just got a not so good theater for such things. Afterwards scary stuff ensued in the parking lot.

Saturday was a fairly boring day, lazing around doing not too much. Sunday I went to Triple Rock, and I typed a bunch of stuff while I was there. I’ll probably just post that text in a second. I also worked a little bit on a new format for my LJ, which I’ll polish and ask opinions on later this week.

Spring break rules. I want to rant a little bit about how it would be cool for LJ domain forwarding to work, but this post is way too long already. I’ll do it tomorrow.