Slacking Catches Up to You

Wow, a whole week without a post. Not surprising from me, I suppose. Last week was fairly normal, except for the fact that I had a bunch of homework and midterms to get done, so I was a busy bee and couldn’t do too much of my normal fare, which is highly based on laziness. Of course, it was the week after spring break, so it seems like it was a lot busier than it actually was, and in retrospect, I should have done a bunch of this stuff during the break. Oh well.

Wendsday was probably the highlight of the week - Dan’s 30th birthday celebration took us to Bilimbi Bay for some light before-movie chatting and carousing. Since we had already seen the movie, we went back to Amy’s place and got some work done while Dan and buddies went to see Eternal Sunshine. Afterwards we all met up (+1 more) at The Independent, which has a cocktail and martini list longer than your arm. I couldn’t drink much at all because I was driving, but the appetizers were excellent. Amy was a bit drunk when we left, and regretted it a bit the next day. Dan had a good time (which is the most important part, being his birthday and all). The late night made thursday a long day. I wanted to curl up and sleep shortly after the end of work.

Tuesday I spent a little bit of time at th0rny’s grandmother’s place in order to help her install a new printer, which we discovered was too new for her OS, so this Saturday we returned and gave her an OS upgrade which took much longer than expected. She has a shiny new OS and a slightly larger hard drive though. Most of the time of course was spent in waiting - we ended up watching a bit of ice skating on TV.

Sunday was more computer installs at a friend’s place. I installed two new Debian machines, and put 2.6 kernels on both of them. Unfortunately one of them locked up, so I guess I’ll be taking that one back to 2.4. Last night I happily got the homework which is turning out to be the longest procrastination that I have ever done finished, at least for now. I still need to read a bunch of papers for that class. I feel accomplished for doing a bunch of stuff this weekend when I really didn’t get too much done that was on my list before this weekend.

One of the worst things about the way that I do things is that I never really get things done until the last minute. It’s just the way I prefer to do things I guess. Unfortunately, when I am expected to get a bunch of stuff done over a long period of time, I leave it until the last minute and then have a huge pile of work that needs doing. This means that during this time of heavy work, I need to neglect other things which I find much more enjoyable. I wish I had the willpower to just do what needs to be done early instead of leaving it. Now that I think about it though, if I went around and decided “I’m just going to do this now!” all the time, I would be able to stay in the “working on stuff” mode for a very long time. I tend to have things piled up that I could do at any time. Can I live my life without anything on my todo list?

In other news, Amy is housesitting this week, so I get to play with a big dog for stress relief. Hopefully it will be warm. Hooray!