Sleep Deprived Google Monkey

Well, this weekend was the KVSC Trivia Contest, an event I was aware of, but hadn’t been a part of until this year. I had meant to go starting on friday night, when it started, but some work came up which kept me busy friday night and saturday. Anyway I got my work to a usable state saturday after grappling with javascript for a while, and I went off to want_a_be’s place for game night. There I played a rousing game of illuminati, a particularly fun game, and a more simple game Bohnanza. It was good to get a load off after the working weekend. That wrapped up around midnight and I headed to superna’s place for some trivia goodness.

Trivia was an experience which is not to be missed for a man of my trivia caliber. It’s setup like some sort of super-trivia where you listen to the radio, get the questions (which are “open”, or available to answer, for a certain amount of time) and then frantically come up with the answer. Easier questions are worth less points - most 15 point questions were known off-hand or a simple Googling would reveal the answer. Harder questions either required elite internet searching skills or some knowledge of a subject. I don’t have deep knowledge of many subjects, so I had to put my searching skills to the test. One of the most interesting parts of the night was at about 7am when two of the four people awake were working on a 250 point question which took a long time, and myself and want_a_be were handling all the other questions that came up in the meantime. It was like a oiled machine where each person did their part. My big win of the night was finding a midget wrestling championship bout answer.

It’s one of the funnest times I think is possible by staying up all hours. I ended up staying until about 11am, when I went to meet my parents for brunch. I got home sleep deprived and planning to take a power nap in order to make it possible to accomplish some things later, but I ended up sleeping until 7pm. Strange, because I’m still tired at my normal time again tonight. I will probably set aside the whole weekend next time, or perhaps take a break in the middle to play some games. I’m definitely part of the team for next year.

Sleep Deprived Google Monkey, over and out.