Starting, Sortof


The moving is finally almost done. We have a problem with the amount of shelving space that we have now - we switched a couple of the shelves and some of them aren’t setup yet, so we have a couple of boxes of books which are not unpacked because we don’t have shelf space. Other than that we have everything unpacked, although it’s somewhat unorgnaized.


School just started on Tuesday. I’m not taking any classes this semester, so things haven’t changed much for me, except for the large influx of new students and the craziness involved with that. I decided that I like the campus slightly more when it isn’t packed to the gills with students. I’m hoping to get a lot more stuff done this semester, and hopefully progress more towards my thesis.


I’ve started using Opera for browsing on the various machines I use and have admin control over. I feel sortof strange using non-free software to do a major part of my browsing. It’s extremely fast and very out of the way.


Diana’s so wonderful. Love her very much.