Tell Me What's That For..

SCM tools

There has been a lot of talk on Planet Debian about SCM tools recently. Lately I’ve been leaning toward using bzr for source control, although cdv is looking nice too (and not just because I help maintain it). I really believe that cdv is trying to solve the underlying problem which is part of all of these systems: ambiguous merging. Most traffic I’ve seen on the developer list have been bram conversing on common lists about solving three-way merges automatically. That said, it requires a standalone server for distributed work, which I think will be it’s downfall. Noone wants to run a server when almost every other new system out there works automatically with any web server you can get your hands on. For now, bzr seems like it’s being actively developed. Given the amazing array of systems out there now, I suspect tools like tailor will be the most important ones. Everyone choose your own, and then work things out from there.


I’ve just recently quit my job at velocity, in order to make room for possible jobs at other places. When I originally quit, a job seemed waiting and ready for me. That has fallen through, but maybe it is meant to be anyway - I need to be working more on my thesis topic than anything else nowadays. I’m picking up some consulting work on the side for a couple of different people, and I’m thinking of advertising my expertise some more in order to have some extra income every once in a while.


Our apartment looks pretty bare nowadays. If you didn’t know it, you would think we’re moving out. Oh wait, we are. Most everything is packed now - the only thing really left is the kitchen pots and pans and the bedroom. The office is completely bare and will need some major vacuuming. I’m getting more nervous now that the day is coming up quickly. I hope that everything goes smoothly. Calling the new place, everything seems great.

List of things I definitely need to do tomorrow:

  • Pick up forwarding address thingys at post office
  • Call everyone I can think of and give them the new address
  • Call cable company and make sure cable will be turned on when we get there
  • Call power company and turn off power at old place, turn on power at new place
  • Pack all the things that I have on the list for Wednesday
  • Somehow figure out the finances of the move

I shouldn’t be out of comission for more than a couple of days for some of the things which are involved with the office computer, and if something important comes up I still have my trusty iBook kira to work with.