It was very loud in the library. Kids were running around and screaming, and there was nothing that she could do about it. She sat there just staring at the horrors that were happening to her sacred space.

Just three hours earlier, she had heard nothing about the beasts. She was working at the reference desk, one of her favorite jobs in the library. Books needed to be re-sorted and people needed help getting on the internet as well as working on papers or looking up some interesting things online. Every once in a while someone needed help looking for a book.

Libraries weren’t really common nowadays, but this one would be around forever as far as she was concerned. It was used by most of the city at one time or another, and thanks to an anonymous grant that showed up on schedule pretty much every February 14. No one knew who the benefactor was, but it was apparently very important that the library continued.

At least that’s what she thought two hours ago. Now, the entire fourth floor was burning, with all of the periodicals and the maps going up in flames. Still pausing incredulously, she turned and ran. There wasn’t anything she could do against flying, fire breathing.. things.

Ironically, the dragons plowed through the fantasy and sci-fi young adult fiction, and lunged up the stairs, knocking the brass railings on the sides as they continued on an upward rampage thorough the books. They were gaining fast on her, so she took a quick turn, hoping that they wouldn’t be able to turn with the large wings attached to their backs. The wings that were even now tearing out light fixtures in the hung tile ceiling.

They kept going on their path to.. what, the roof.. for now, while she hid. She hid for hours.