The Legend of the Couch

Went to pick up a couch today that I spotted on LJ. This couch is huge, and is a sectional but has very heavy sections because one of them has a hideabed in it. The ordeal of getting it from Burnsville to Di’s place started at 7am this morning, when I called the UHaul place and they didn’t have our reservation. Originally we were going to use a SUV from a friend, but that fell through. Anyway we just stopped by at 9:30 or so and then picked up the truck. They gave us the truck with no issue – even though my driver’s license is out of state and expired.

Drove to the girl’s place and spent about half an hour or more taking the sectional piece by piece and loading it into the truck. It’s a good thing we didn’t use the SUV, because there’s no way that it would have fit in there. It just barely fit into a 10 foot truck. Said goodbye to the awesome girl who gave us the couch and went on our way. We enlisted the help of Mike when we got back to Di’s place, and getting it to the first floor seemed a bit easier.

After that, we went to Papito’s with Ben and Kelly for a nice lunch and stopped by the Amazon Book Store and a little ice cream shop on the way home. Sitting on the couch now. It’s comfy. Time for a nap, I think.