The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Exercise is hard work. It is hard to keep going to the exercise room every day, and getting on that machine and doing the exercise. It is only loosely assuaded by the fact that I can listen to music or read a magazine while I am doing it. The saddle on the stationary bike is uncomfortable, and the treadmill is annoying when it asks for my heartrate. Don’t get me wrong, I am comitted to my exercise regimen and will be keeping it up for the forseeable future. I really do believe that I am improving my overall health and wellbeing doing it. Walking down the hall back to the apartment is a good feeling, and it’s strangely satisfying to be all sweaty and gross. This week was fairly erratic with respect to exercise. I ended up taking saturday off mostly by accident, completely filling up my schedule with other things. Other days I would start early – around 7pm instead of my normal 10pm, or would start an hour late. Tuesday was a particularly crappy day as half of the exercise room was tripped on the breaker and I had to resort to the horrible stepping machine and some weightlifting to get my 30 minutes in. Hopefully this week I will be able to get a better schedule going.

I am frustrated. Two weeks of dieting and exercise, and I don’t seem to be losing weight. This bothers me because in the past I would have received at least a little bonus on the scale just for dieting, and I don’t seem to be getting that this time. I tend to weigh myself after my workout, because there is a fairly nice physician’s scale which I can use to weigh myself, and doing after every exercise is a good way to remember. This causes a problem however because I usually exercise at the end of the day. One day I may eat more and then weigh more, and another day I may eat less (or ahem, output more) and weigh less that night. It doesn’t deal a good hand to my psyche to sometimes weigh more than I did the day before. I do seem to be getting a hang of guessing when I will weigh more though. I am thinking of switching to weighing only once a week, but I am afraid that I will forget, and the hacker in me wants as much data as possible on this.

This week (Oct 27 - Nov 2): Minimum: 338.5 (Oct 31) Maximum: 341.0 (Nov 2) Average: 339.8 (139.8 to goal) Total Exercise Calories: 2562 Average Exercise Calories: 427